The Watcher (Ebook)

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by Joshua Pantalleresco
The Watcher Trilogy, Book One
There is more… 


On the top of a tower, guarded by dragons, the Watcher gazes out into the horizon. While the rest of his tribe work and toil, The Watcher questions what is beyond the walls. Determined to find out, he escapes his captors trying to find out just what is out there.

An imaginative and engaging story, The Watcher will help you see poetry in a whole new way. Escape into the world of a slave boy who dreams of something more and journey with him as he discovers what mysteries the world holds.

There is more. The Watcher proves it. Discover it for yourself.

Young Adult, Science Fiction, Poetry, Graphic Art 88 Pages

 An Excerpt:

alive and aware as the light comes in rising to the sound of the morning drum it’s plantation time

all of us working extra hard

they said we’d have bigger shares this year

if we did good

we wanted to try

I look to my mom and dad still sleeping

their hands calloused

their skins toughened

catching that last extra minute of shut eye

before they come


the light darkens

their snouts silhouette the shadows

scaly reptilian eyes and angel wings gaze down on them

he (she/it?) knows

for just a second there was mercy

then justice reared its ugly dragon head

and roared

time to get to work


my job is on top the watchtower

I watch the skies for weather

we cannot work in rain and hail

if I see a cloud I clang the bell

easy peasy and important

two dragons guard me from below

wielding their sticks of flame they look up

making sure I do what I’m told

I would’ve anyway

I wanted that extra bit of honey

I wanted to feel the crunch of blackberries

I would be good until harvest time


About the Author:

Joshua Pantalleresco writes fiction, poetry and comics. He also loves to do interviews. He has written columns for comicbloc and allpulp and currently does so for comicmix. The Watcher is his second book of poetry. He resides in Calgary.