The Mystery on Lost Lagoon - Paperback

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written and illustrated by Rita Monette

Legend has it… if you go onto Lost Lagoon, you never return.

Nikki Landry and her friends are off on a quest to track down the prehistoric-looking bird that’s been flying around a nearby swamp island. However, their plans get sidetracked when they meet a stranger in their small town who seems to have some secrets to hide.

The sleuthing group soon learns of a legend about a hidden lagoon. Is it all connected? Before they can find out, they are kidnapped by a mysterious scientist on a mission of his own. 

Is there any truth to the legend that says if you go onto Lost Lagoon, you will never return?  Is the eerie whirlpool that sits waiting to suck you in really a passage to another world? 

Join Nikki, her friends, and one neurotic parrot, as they discover the truth behind the Mystery on Lost Lagoon. 

Middle Grade, Adventure, Mystery, Time Travel.

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Me and my friends had started building my tree house right after school let out for the summer. I needed a getaway from my bratty little brother, Jesse, who I had to share a room with. My neighbor, Nana Trahan, gave us some wood from her shed to help us out. When it was finished, I decided to turn it into a club house. I came up with the name, the Legend Busters Club, on account of that seems to be my destiny…to learn the truth behind legends and solve mysteries. I’d been doing it for almost a whole year, since I was ten years old. Papa said there’s always the truth that folks don’t know about, and Mama said I was real good at pondering on stuff until I figured it out. Of course I got some help from my friends and my trusty dog, Snooper.

There were three of us in the club so far. Spikes did most of the hard work and was the bravest person I knew…next to my papa. My best friend, after Snooper, was Patti LeBlanc. She didn’t do much in the way of work, but she was a good drawer and was real smart at solving puzzles.

I climbed down the wooden ladder Spikes had nailed to the side of the tree, while he went to hammering on some more nails. Snooper laid in the shade near the trunk, and raised his head when he saw me. He liked being close by in case I needed to talk. He was a real good listener. He followed me as I ran to grab Jesse’s red wagon for hauling stuff. I spotted Patti pushing her bike toward my house.

“We’re over here,” I called to her. “Spikes is in the tree house.”

“What y’all doing?” she asked. “I heard some banging over here. I thought the tree house was all finished.”

“We’re fixing it up,” I said. “You know, furniture and stuff. I’m going over to Nana’s to get some wood and whatever else I can find. Wanna help?”

“Sure.” She laid her bike down and followed me to my neighbor’s shed.

I still had the key to it, since Nana said we could have pretty much anything we wanted out of it. She just said to make sure we locked it up afterwards. I didn’t see much anyone would want to steal out of it though, but she worried about people, or rougarous, sneaking around her back yard. I opened the door and looked around the dusty shed for something that would work to brace the legs on the table.

Patti stood in the doorway wearing a yellow dress with a big bow in the back. She always dressed like she was heading off to church or something. She wasn’t much like me at all. I wasn’t about to wear no dress unless I really was going to church, and only if Mama made me. My overalls worked just fine for anything I wanted to do. I could get as dirty as I wanted to and it hardly showed at all. If I tore ’em, Mama just put a patch on, and I was good to go.

“It’s really dirty in there,” Patti said, “and I’m sure there are spiders crawling around.”

“Come on in or get on out,” I told her. “You’re blocking the light.”

About the Author:

Rita Monette was born and raised in Southwest Louisiana. She loves to write stories set in the beautiful, yet mysterious, bayous and swamps of her home state. She is currently retired and lives with her husband, four lap dogs, and one lap cat, in the mountains of Tennessee. Besides writing and illustrating, She enjoys participating in festivals and craft shows where she does face and body art, along with selling her books.