Stormdancer (Ebook)

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By Joshua Pantalleresco
The Storm is Here...
Days after the events featured in The Watcher, The Watcher is taken hostage by a dragon, leaving Kristen, Will and Nicki alone in a strange new world. With no choice but to try and rescue their friend, Kristen and the others must travel through ancient cities, forgotten burial grounds, and eventually into the heart of the great storm. Faced with the unknown, will they be able to traverse the storms that stand before them as well as ones within their own hearts?
Young Adult to Adult, Science Fiction, Poetry, Graphic Art, 128 Pages

this isn't just my story anymore

walking back to my own, I grow nervous

will they like the world I created?

will it be enough where the river ends?


possibilities swirl

as well as my panic

and wonder


where do we go from here?

what do we want to do?

For now, I want to take them home

show them my little space

teach them the concept of ‘mine’

transform it into ‘theirs’


Wild Will looks at the oozes roaming around

grabbing a carrot to dangle in front of them

should I warn him about the bigger ones?


Nicki is frightened

a mouse in a sea of cats

the world is ferocious even without dragons


I remember my first time out

unsure if I belonged

I still don't know the answer

I do know I can do this


Kristen is the one that worries me

she hasn't said a word all night

sometimes I think I nearly see tears fall from her face

the rest of the time, her expression is stone


should I say something?

do nothing?

I don't know

talking to others about their problems

isn't something I do

 About the Author:
Joshua Pantalleresco writes fiction, poetry and comics. He also loves to do interviews. He has written columns for comicbloc and allpulp and currently does so for comicmix. The Watcher is his second book of poetry. He resides in Calgary.