Mirror's Hope (Ebook)

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by Justine Alley Dowsett and Murandy Damodred

Mirror Worlds, Book One

Everything has a price…

In a self-serving dystopian society, Mirena’s kind-hearted nature leaves her socially outcast. Daunted by the task of trying to initiate change herself, she tries desperately to conform to the expectations of the cruel society around her.

That is, until she meets Tendro… General to the Panarch’s armies and a rising star in government, no one expects Tendro Seynor to be the prophesied Avatar of the Light, but that’s exactly what he’s become. Alone, he doesn’t have the resolve necessary to follow the path destiny has set before him; but that all changes when meets Mirena and falls in love with her simple faith.

Brought together by fate, Mirena and Tendro must find a way to change their world for the better or risk the consequences of being on the wrong side of an all-powerful tyrant and his unforgiving Generals. Can they tip the balance of power in their world, or will the lengths they have to go get them in too deep to get back out again?

Adult, Fantasy, Romance, 326 pages


“Excuse me?”

 “Look, I don’t have all day so I need you to keep up with me here,” the fair- skinned woman told a bewildered Tendro in a no-nonsense tone of voice, rounding on him and pushing her long white blonde hair out of the way. She looked him in the eye, making sure he was paying strict attention to what she had to say. “Do you know who the Creator is?”

 “Uhh..” Tendro Seynor struggled to get his bearings, feeling confused by the lush grass all around him and the pleasant birdsong that filled the air. He got to his feet slowly, looking around at the non-descript rolling hills and the obscuring mists that limited his range of vision.

 We could be anywhere...The thought came to him. Only I know that moments ago we were indoors and not here... wherever this is.

 “Really?” The reedy woman demanded incredulously, staring him down, even though he was, in fact, the taller of the two of them. “Do I have to start at the beginning?” She took a deep and exasperated breath, widening her already large blue eyes at him in an expression that stated bluntly how uneducated she thought he was. “The Creator created the world and the Destroyer sought to unmake it...”

 “I know who the Creator is...” Tendro told her, putting a stop to her history lesson at the same time as he took in the details of the robes she was wearing. White, with silver scrollwork on the hem and sleeves, the clothes marked the woman as a full Mage, maybe even a teacher of majik. Tendro amended his tone to show the proper amount of respect for this stranger. “At least, I know as much as any of us do. After creating the world, the Destroyer punished the Creator by sealing her away in a prison outside of time and only the ‘Avatar of the Light’ can free her and restore balance to the world.”

 The woman nodded like this was more along the lines of what she’d been expecting to hear and impatiently put her hands on her hips, accentuating through her robes how thin she really was.

 “All right, what are you waiting for, then? Get to it.”

About the Authors:

Justine Alley Dowsett is the author of nine novels and counting, and one of the founders of Mirror World Publishing. Her books, which she often co-writes with her sister, Murandy Damodred, range from young adult science fiction to dark fantasy/romance. She earned a BA in Drama from the University of Windsor, honed her skills as an entrepreneur by tackling video game production, and now she dedicates her time to writing, publishing, and occasionally role-playing with her friends.
With a background in Drama and Communications from the University of Windsor, Murandy Damodred enjoys fantasy fiction with strong romantic subplots. She is an avid role-player and is happiest when living vicariously through her characters. Though she'd rather think of herself as the heroine of her next novel, in the real world she is a new mom living in Windsor, Ontario, ready to embark on a new career as a medical technician.