Forbidden (Paperback)

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by Matthew Freake
"The only man I ever loved is dead. This is our story..."

It's the summer of 1957 and Nathan is ready to get away from home to start working for his future. And what better way than to join the rail yard in Lakefield, Ontario?

Hoping for some new experiences and a change of scenery, Nathan gets more than he bargains for. His cabin mate and co-worker, Alex, is helpful in showing Nathan around, but there's something unique about him that keeps Nathan captivated. Stolen glances and close encounters soon lead to unfamiliar feelings between the two of them. But as they sort out their emotions, Nathan must confront painful scars that resurface from the past.

Forbidden is an insightful tale of true love found and of ultimate tragedy. It explores the complexity of life's obstacles for two young men discovering not only themselves, but each other, in a time where anything out of the ordinary is dangerous.
Adult, Historical, Romance, LGBT, 130 pages  

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His eyes hurt from staring at the computer screen all day. He was so close to finishing that he ignored the pain in his eyes and the pain in his heart. He had to finish the book. His home office was small and the glow from the monitor caused the walls to glow blue; the same colour that reflected on his face as he typed. The one window in the room showed the large oak tree that encased most of his small backyard.

He stopped typing. He was finished, finally. Pausing a moment to read what he had just written, he moved the cursor up to the top of the screen, clicked on save, and then turned the monitor off. He sat back and felt accomplished. It had hurt, reliving all of those memories, both the good as well as the bad, but he was glad he had gone through with it.

He wiped away the single tear falling down his cheek and smiled. He was happy. He knew in his heart that Alex would have been happy as well.

“I miss you, Alex,” he said, standing up. He moved his office chair, turned away from the computer and left the room, leaving all of the memories contained within it.

 The only man I ever loved is dead. This is our story…

About the Author:

Matthew Freake is an avid lover of books and storytelling in all forms, including theatre. He has won awards for set and costume design with the dramatic presentations of "A Gap in Generations" by Jerry Blunt and "A Bird of Prey" by Jim Grimsley. For the latter, he was also awarded for exceptional directing. In addition to Forbidden, Matthew has also written and self-published 'A Fairy Tale Murder' short story series