Bewitching Hannah - Ebook

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by Leigh Goff

Sixteen-year-old Hannah Fitzgerald has always known she is descended from a troubled legacy of magic. Although a stranger to her coven in Annapolis, she is no stranger to grief and denial. However, when an ancient prophecy reveals the rise of a young, powerful Chesapeake witch and the impending death of another, she realizes she can no longer afford to suppress the magic that has taken away so much. She seeks out the frighteningly scarred, yet mysterious W, a Calvert descendant who is destined to change her life, but even he cannot prepare her for the danger that lies ahead. Engaged in a deadly game without knowing who her true rival is, Hannah isn’t certain she will survive, and if she loses she may lose everything, including the ones she loves.

Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance, 316 pages.


Aunt Jocelyn, or Aunt J as I liked to call her, tapped her thumbs against the steering wheel to a crappy disco song on the radio. “Everything okay, darling? You look like you have cramps.”

Ten minutes from her home in Annapolis and I was already wishing I was back at Green Briar, mostly because of the cramps comment, but the bad music wasn’t helping. I swiped a blonde tendril away from my eyes and shot her a look. “Gross. Not cramps. Head hurts.”

She pursed her lips in the way that always filled me with dread. “Your head hurts? Or are you trying to suppress the family legacy?”

A hard lump formed in my throat as she unleashed her suspicion. “You know I don’t want to talk about it.” Tears welled in my eyes. I couldn’t talk about if I wanted to. A year and a half ago that legacy of magic drove my mom so crazy she killed herself. A few months later, my frustrated dad followed her lead. If only I’d done something to stop them. If only.

“Days after your dad’s funeral, when you begged me to send you to Green Briar, I guessed it wasn’t just grief and anxiety that was overwhelming you, but I let you go because it was what you wanted. However, it’s been a year now, and all I’m asking for is the truth.”

I hated when her guesses were spot on. “I wanted help—to deal with it.” A single tear betrayed me, trailing down my cheek.

“How could ordinary therapists help you stifle your extraordinary magic?”

 About the author:

Leigh Goff grew up in Maryland where she resides today. Her writing is inspired by an eclectic childhood, a vivid imagination, and compelling historical events. After taking several writing courses in college and attending professional writing workshops after she graduated from the University of Maryland, she joined the Maryland Writers' Association and Romance Writers of America.